An Update on the Kayla Moore Case: Trial Start Date to be Announced THIS Friday!

A person stands in a crowd holding a sign that reads "Justice for Kayla Moore." On the sign is a simple drawing of Kayla Moore. In the drawing, Kayla is smiling, with hair pulled back and two thin braids framing her face.

First off, hope to see folks on the Moore family’s next court date, this Friday! Check out the Facebook event here. Secondly, with a final pre-trial court date approaching this Friday, here are a few updates on the status of the Moore family’s case:

Which parts of the case will the judge hear?

Last year, the City of Berkeley’s lawyer filed a “motion for summary judgment” to try and get the family’s case thrown out – and out of public sight – before even going to trial. In October, Judge Breyer made an initial decision to partly grant this motion by throwing out all but one of the family’s claims. Refusing to accept this compromised form of justice, the Moore family filed an appeal, insisting that the judge hear the full case. Recently, Judge Breyer announced his decision NOT to grant the family’s appeal. So, unfortunately and incomprehensibly, this means that in this trial the judge will not look at Berkeley cops’ use of excessive force, or at their use of a faulty, unconfirmed warrant. However, the Judge will still be hearing the case. He will look at the very important remaining claim, which centers on how the cops involved violated the ADA by violently interacting with Kayla instead of accommodating her mental health disability, schizophrenia. Given the widespread police violence against people with disabilities, this case could set an important precedent against ableist police terror if the judge decides in the family’s favor. So, we’ll need to pack that court room during the trial!

What will happen in court on Friday?

This Friday, we expect the judge to announce the trial start date and to decide if the trial will havea jury or be heard by the judge alone. So, this will be a very important day after four long years of waiting. Please join us Friday morning at 8 A.M. to be with the Moore family in court. And don’t forget to share the Facebook event: page:

Thank you for your support and hope to see you in court on Friday and once the trial begins in the coming months!


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