March 17, 2017, San Francisco – This morning, we gathered in court with the Moore family to hear the long-awaited announcement of the start date in the family’s suit against the City of Berkeley and the BPD officers who were responsible for criminalizing, unjustly arresting, and killing Kayla Moore in 2013.


The family will head to court on October 23, 2017, with a final pre-trial conference to take place first on October 17. Save those dates so we can be there in full supportive force on October 23rd! The judge expects the trial to last 5 days.

In the meantime, the struggle continues outside the court. Please join us on April 8th as we gather to learn and share knowledge about mental health alternatives to the police. (See details on Facebook.)

As the family’s lawyers will be illustrating in court,  BPD officers failed to accommodate Kayla’s mental health disability. With 35% of Berkeley police calls related to mental health, this failure occurs on a daily basis and we’ve had enough. Join us on April 8th to shift the conversation: We don’t just want training for cops, we want to end the practice of using police as first responders in the first place. It’s time for crisis support that offers care, not violent and deadly criminalization.