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1. Justice for Kayla Moore! Honor her memory, tell her story, #SayHerName.
2. Hold the City of Berkeley and Berkeley police accountable for killing Kayla Moore.
3. Police must not be first responders to mental health crises.
4. End the BPD’s violent attacks, criminalization and profiling of people who are Black, Brown, disabled and/or trans.

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AF3IRM SF/Bay Area
Alex Nieto Coalition
Anti Police-Terror Project
Black Trans* Women’s Lives Matter
Berkeley Copwatch
California Coalition for Women Prisoners
Center for Convivial Research and Autonomy
Idriss Stelley Foundation Justice 4 Asa Sullivan
Justice 4 Kayla Moore
Justice for James “Nate” Greer
Justice for Josiah
Krip-Hop Nation
National Brown Berets
TGI Justice Project (TGIJP) 


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Forwardable email about the case:

Dear Friends and Allies,

Over three years have passed since Kayla Moore was killed by the Berkeley police in her own apartment on February 13, 2013. Kayla was a dear sister, daughter and friend. She was African American, trans, and lived with schizophrenia. Justice 4 Kayla Moore is a group of family members, friends, organizers and community members calling on our communities to remember Kayla Moore and build support for her family’s court case this fall.

As you may know, Kayla was killed after Berkeley police forced their way into her apartment in response to a call for help with a mental health issue. Kayla needed an assessment and assistance; instead, police entered her apartment and tried to take her into custody on a mistaken and unconfirmed warrant. Kayla answered her door and was violently restrained by six officers until she died.

In the last three and a half years, no one has been held accountable for this crime. This fall, however, Kayla’s family is pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit against the City of Berkeley and the Berkeley Police Department.

Kayla’s story is indicative of the intolerable situation for poor people, people of color and people living with mental illness in Berkeley and beyond. Mental health services are dangerously mismanaged. In crisis moments in particular, the first and often only response comes from militarized police, guns and all. Our community must not remain silent while this dire situation continues to cost lives.

The Justice 4 Kayla Moore campaign is supporting Kayla’s family in their lawsuit and we ask that you join us as an ally. We will need your support in the courtroom this fall (dates TBA). In the meantime, we are asking you to endorse our demands.

Building off the work and legacy of our partners in struggle, including other families and communities who have lost loved ones to police violence, we have created a list of demands for the City of Berkeley, the Berkeley Police Department and the broader community.

We hope that you are moved to action by Kayla’s story and by the urgency of the mental health care crisis here in Berkeley and beyond. We urge you to endorse our demands as an individual and to invite any community groups you are part of to endorse our demands as an organization. We are happy to answer any questions you may have before lending support.

With love and gratitude,
Justice 4 Kayla Moore Campaign